Kaizen as a philosophy, follows continuous improvement principles. Identifying incremental and achievable business process improvement for specific areas of your business can lead to large scale efficiency and profitability enhancements with minimal financial or resource outlay.

The Kaizen process differs substantially from other change management or efficiency methodologies, largely because the Kaizen process focusses on real-time solutions. The Kaizen process is where employees at all levels of a company and across multi-departments work collaboratively and proactively as a project team to identify and implement incremental business process improvement.

By centering on continuous improvement principles, employees are encouraged to identify and implement changes into the Kaizen Process that are achievable and can be implemented solely by the group during the Kaizen process event. This ensures that the Kaizen process event results in tangible real-time business process improvement; but also, that internal stakeholder buy in is garnered from the outset.

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Apply this Japanese philosophy to your organisation

While Kaizen is fairly systematic philosophy, adhering to the Kaizen process can be difficult when enabling multiple project team members and departments to participate. Facilitating a Kaizen process event requires an experienced facilitator to ensure that all kaizen process participants follow the Kaizen philosophy and most importantly systematically proceed through the 4 key Kaizen process principles.  

Kaizen process events can be conducted over varying degrees of time dependent on the process being examined. Typically, a very basic process can be re-examined through the Kaizen philosophy in 3 days with larger more complex processes being in the region of 5 days to 2 weeks.

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Put simply, this is what we do. To get the best results from the Kaizen Process, teams need to be empowered and led through the four stages by someone who knows the potential pitfalls. Be it Train the Trainer or a fully hosted blitz; trust your ROI to Kaizen Consults.

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Our consultants are certified Kaizen Leaders and know how to get results from your team.

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In our Kaizen process, every team member has the chance to contribute to the sessions.

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The Kaizen process results in defined actions that are all implemented during the session.


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