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A company’s best resources are its employees and this is especially true when it comes to implementing the Kaizen model. The Kaizen model focuses heavily on collaboration between employees of different departments and levels of seniority to ensure a complete 360 view and analysis of a particular process and the application of the Kaizen model to that process in a transparent and realistic format.

When looking at Kaizen costing, it is one of the most affordable change management philosophies in the industry. Kaizen costing employs your own internal resource and repurposes its output to drive efficiency and productivity gains. When forcasting Kaizen costing, it is ultimately cost-efficient for businesses because your hired Kaizen Facilitator ultimately empowers your internal team to analyse, adapt and implement improvements in real time.


£700 +VAT

Starter Kaizen Model

1-3 days, 1 Facilitator

The Starter Kaizen Model package is suited for basic process improvement. Ideal for customer service processes or basic business processes. This particular Kaizen Model would typically work for a process that is operating within 1 business department and with less than 6 touchpoints.  

£950 +VAT

Elementary Kaizen Model

5 Days, 1 Facilitator

The Elementary Kaizen Model package is suited for intermediate process improvement. This model works across majority of industries and can be used on processes that cross multiple departments within a business but has less than 8 touchpoints.



Junior Kaizen Model

5 Days, 2 Facilitators

The Junior Kaizen Model package is suited for larger businesses with multiple processes that cross departments or have more than 8 touchpoints. Given the increasing complexity of this size of business this Kaizen Model package is suited for multiple processes (up to 2) that cross departments.  



Senior Kaizen Model

Up to 10 Days, 2 Facilitators

The Senior Kaizen Model package is suited for large scale businesses with multiple processes that cross departments or offices or have more than 8 touchpoints. This kaizen model package can include up to 4 Kaizen Model process groups operating simultaneously to maximise improvements in efficiency across the business.



Train the Trainer

1 Day, 1 Facilitator

Companies are quickly looking to employ Kaizen model principles into their business on a day to day basis. Our Train the Trainer programme gives your internal senior team the skills to effectively implement the Kaizen model into day to day operations. Train the Trainer comes complete with 1 to 1 coaching along with useful templates and exercises to get the most out of your internal teams.

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