When you need to upskill your change management team or run a Kaizen blitz; turn to our team of Kaizen Leaders and Facilitators to start your journey toward continuous improvement.

kaizen leader and change management consultant Alysha Smith

Alysha Smith

Kaizen Change Management Consultant, Founder

Alysha Smith is an experienced change management consultant with both Prince 2 and Kaizen Leader certifications.  With a career managing marketing and operations across agency, casino gaming and hotel sectors; Alysha, as a change management consultant is adept at coaching and mentoring Kaizen teams to achieve tangible process improvement.

Experienced in change management for large scale operators including Caesars Entertainment and Aspers/Crown Entertainment, Alysha is able to oversee change management for large scale strategic re-directions through to day-to-day functional process changes that drive customer satisfaction.  

Alysha is skilled in coaching and mentoring internal Kaizen teams to effectively identify areas for process improvement and apply real-time solutions to drive change. This approach results in collaborative and inclusive change management in the business that immediately has internal stakeholder buy in.

Originally from Sydney, Australia; Alysha has been resident in the UK for 10 years and enjoys living in the Docklands by the water. Smith is also a trustee for Montage Theatre Arts, a children’s performing arts charity based in SE London.

kaizen process leader Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox

Kaizen Leader, Co-Founder

With decades of marketing experience across multiple industries including casino gaming, hospitality and outsourcing; Amanda has had exposure to almost every customer-facing business process imaginable. As a business consultant, Amanda leads a Kaizen strategy group like she would her own team - encouraging them to get EXCITED about process mapping and data gathering. Her background in analytics provides direction on reporting that will provide clarity on efficiencies.

Amanda works with the Kaizen strategy group as a business consultant concerned with finding the root cause of waste via the "5 Whys" and real-time process mapping. Despite her exposure to more Agile methodologies at organisations like Paddy Power and CCA International, Amanda favours Kaizen theory for its ability to deliver change to the way people work, not the quality of what they produce.

Amanda's experience working in the United States, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland contributes to her effectiveness as a Kaizen business consultant. Understanding how business operates on a wider scale prevents some of the common pitfalls of cross-border change management.

Originally from Florida, USA; Amanda has lived in the UK for over 7 years and loves all things video games. Amanda is committed to continuing education and has certifications in a range of topics from Advanced Excel Dashboards for Business through to Emotional Intelligence.

Junior Facilitator

If you have an experienced internal team and simply want someone to organise the session, consider one of our junior facilitators. While not Certified Kaizen Leaders, a Junior Kaizen Facilitator can provide key organisational support for your internal blitz team. Businesses that choose a Junior Kaizen Facilitator will want to have a strong team of internal change management professionals as the consultant will be present only to ensure teams keep to task and follow the Kaizen process.

woman representing junior kaizen facilitator

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